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Glass Breaking Pliers
Glass Breaking Pliers
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Glass Breaking Pliers

Item Number 07655-AB
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Price  $31.21

These glass breaking pliers are designed to allow someone without a glass knife maker to break scored glass in order to create glass knives. They feature a notch in the jaws to allow precise alignment of the glass, which is then broken simply by squeezing the pliers. 

Please note that while these glass glass breaking pliers are certainly a quality tool, they are NOT the same quality as our SPI Glass Breaking Pliers, as described above, and thus one should not expect the same results when comparing the two. These pliers do NOT feature the same three point loading system as our SPI Glass Breaking Pliers, and thus do not give a break of quite the same quality. While these pliers would be fine for hobbyists, or even classroom demonstrations, serious researchers and microscopists would obtain far superior results with either the previously mentions SPI Glass Breaking Pliers or the Ralph glass knife maker. 

Glass Breaking Pliers measure 8" overall.