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Glass Cutter (Pistol Grip)
Glass Cutter (Pistol Grip)
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Glass Cutter (Pistol Grip)

Item Number 07654-AB
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Price  $31.21

These wheeled glass cutters are ideal for scoring glass that is to be cut or broken. Available in both the traditional "Pen Style", as well as a "Pistol Grip" design. The Pistol Grip design features a brass tapping knob, as well as a built in reservoir for dispensing cutting fluid to aid in the scoring process, and is designed for working with glass in the 3-10mm thickness range. 

Please note that while these glass cutters are certainly quality glass cutters, they are NOT the same quality as our SPI Glass Cutter, as described above, and thus one should not expect the same results when comparing the two. While either of these cutters would be fine for hobbyists, or even classroom demonstrations, serious researchers and microscopists would obtain far superior results with the previously mentions SPI Glass Cutter. 

Pistol Grip glass cutter measures 6" overall length.