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Permatex 5-Minute Quick Set Epoxy Glue in Cartridge Dispenser
Permatex 5-Minute Quick Set Epoxy Glue in Cartridge Dispenser
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Permatex 5-Minute Quick Set Epoxy Glue in Cartridge Dispenser

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The epoxy cures without pressure or heat in five minutes or less. One can not control the speed of the cure by varying the amount of the hardener because of the convenient dispenser that dispenses equal amounts of both components, A and B. If one has the need to vary the hardness of the final epoxy, and therefore vary the amount of hardener, then we would recommend this same product but in separate squeeze tubes. 

1 oz

Vacuum "compatibility":
This is an often asked question. We have had favorable experience in our own laboratory using this product in the vacuum of a diffusion pumped SEM and customers have reported similar use in other SEMs. However for use in high vacuum applications, we would recommend this same product, but in the squeeze tube form of packaging. This way one can add a slight excess of hardener to make sure that there are no unreacted monomeric species remaining and that could contaminate a vacuum system. Actually, for use in high vacuum we would recommend the more vacuum compatible adhesive, M-Bond® 610. 

The cured strength of the final epoxy, when mixed according to the recommended proportions, is 3400 psi. 

Maximum Use Temperature:
The useful temperature range of this fast curing epoxy product is -60° F to 180° F (-51° C to 82° C). 

Stability in Presence of Osmium Tetroxide:
The well-cured resin is resistant to attack by osmium tetroxide. It also has high resistance to attack by most common laboratory chemicals, however in some instances, such laboratory chemicals might slightly swell the cured epoxy.