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Test Strips - Ag Enhance pk10
Test Strips - Ag Enhance pk10
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Test Strips - Ag Enhance pk10

Item Number 04181-AB
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Test Strips

Provided with the kit is a pack of test strips that have been dot blotted with gold conjugate serially diluted to provide a decreasing protein content. There are 5 spots carrying gold particles conjugated to 10ng, 1ng, 100pg, 10pg, and 1pg of protein. The sensitivity of the kit may be tested by adding 5-10 drops of both initiator and enhancer together in the tube (note that the Silver Kit should reach room temperature first and the bottles shaken before use). The spots will change from pink or invisible - yellow - orange - light brown - dark brown - black. All 5 spots will eventually be stained (in about 20-30 minutes).

The strips are intended to be used to judge the stability of the kit after long term storage.