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SPI-Chem Ruthenium Red tetrahydrate 1g CAS #12790-48-6
SPI-Chem Ruthenium Red tetrahydrate 1g CAS #12790-48-6
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SPI-Chem Ruthenium Red tetrahydrate 1g CAS #12790-48-6

Item Number 02603-AB
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Chemical Formula:H42Cl6O2Ru3
Formula Weight:858.36
RTECS #:Not available
Color:Dark brown
Odor:Not available
Boiling Point:Not available
Melting Point:Not available
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):Not available
Package Size:1 g

Use the SPI-Chem Ruthenium Red (36%) with glutaraldehyde for staining mucopolysaccharides, and with osmium tetroxide for enhancing contrast, as a staining reagent in histology. It is used by some workers to keep the glycocalyx of pathogenic bacteria during the embedding procedure. It has also been reported that ruthenium red will stain the capsule of vibro cholerae.

We are not aware of any use of ruthenium red for the post staining of thin sections of any kind. It is used either instead of or in addition to osmium tetroxide as a stabilizer of lipopolysaccharides.


Kadar, A. et al. J. Pathol., 108, 275 (1973)

Amer. J. Anat., 138, 521 (1973)