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SPI-Chem Basic Fuchsin 25g CAS#211-189-6
SPI-Chem Basic Fuchsin 25g CAS#211-189-6
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SPI-Chem Basic Fuchsin 25g CAS#211-189-6

Item Number 02566-AB
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Chemical Formula:C20H19N3
Formula Weight:323.82
Color Index:42510
Synonyms:rosaniline chloride, fuchsin basic, fasic fuchsin, magenta G
Appearance:Solid, dark green powder
Concentration of Stain: > 90%
Package Size:25 g

Basic Fuchsin is used in various staining methods for carbohydrates or carbohydrate groups on long chain molecules. The exact staining characteristics depends on what selective histochemical procedure is followed, bacterial walls, glycogen, nucleic acids, sugar components of fats, etc. One common use is to stain DNA using the Feulgen reaction. Also, it is known for use as a nuclear stain, specifically magenta red. And it is a key ingredient for so-called "Schiff solutions". Most basic histology methods books will supply the exact formula and procedures.