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mPrep System mPrep/g Capsules Pk 16
mPrep System mPrep/g Capsules Pk 16
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mPrep System mPrep/g Capsules Pk 16

Item Number 02422-AB
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Price  $48.00
Includes 16 capsules and 16 label sets. Comes complete with a Capsule/Grid Storage Box.

The mPrep™ System is a new concept for gaining personnel efficiency, improving quality and reducing cost in microscopy and histology laboratories. A highly flexible system for processing and storing microscope specimens, it offers benefits to labs of any size. Whether working with single specimens or dozens at-a-time, users can adopt the mPrep System without changing established protocols.

The System consists of mPrep/s™ capsules for fixation and embedding steps and mPrep/g™ capsules for staining and archiving TEM grids. Processing takes place inside the labeled mPrep capsule attached to a micropipettor, which provides a clean, efficient way to introduce fluids. Multichannel or automated pipettors can be used for larger numbers of specimens.