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BEEM BlockGrip Storage Panel
BEEM BlockGrip Storage Panel
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BEEM BlockGrip Storage Panel

Item Number 02019-AB
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Price  $19.10

The mounting panels are fabricated from molded plastic and with optically clear covers, two of which will fit into a standard 3-ring notebook binder (supplied by the customer). A larger (e.g. 1.5") note book loose-leaf binder will hold three panels.

Why is this storage system really necessary? Just ask anyone working in a microscopy or histology laboratory environment and they will tell you about the over-flowing Petri dishes, plastic boxes, and other containers that are used to store and archive blocks (e.g. faced off pieces) from important samples and which might still have to be examined further. The BEEM® Blocklock™ Specimen Block Storage System was designed by the BEEM people to solve this very problem so that large numbers of blocks could be stored in an orderly way, on a normal book shelf in standard three-ring binders.