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Secadore 4.0 Electronic Drying Module
Secadore 4.0 Electronic Drying Module
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Secadore 4.0 Electronic Drying Module

Item Number 01939-AB
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Price  $457.00

Secador Electronic Drying Module

The Auto Drying Module on the Secador Desiccator Cabinets can be replaced easily by removing a few easy screws. Note that while this is true for the Auto desiccator cabinets, manual operation systems are not easily modified to take the drying module as a hole for the power cord needs to be drilled into the cabinet wall.

The outstanding dehumidification performance of the Autodesiccator models are recommended for more perishable and expensive chemicals that require constant low humidity. Totally automatic, continual desiccation with silica beads, and regeneration every twenty minutes, keeps the relative humidity (RH) level in the Secaador Desiccators at a constant level. Two fans guarantee continuous air flow within the cabinet and continuous exhaust of humid air.