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Secador 1.0 Cabinet, Amber F42071-0008
Secador 1.0 Cabinet, Amber F42071-0008
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Secador 1.0 Cabinet, Amber F42071-0008

Item Number 01850-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $318.31

Model F4207-10008 Secador cabinet, comes in an amber color.

This cabinet has one removable shelf. SPI-Dry™ Desiccant capsules or cartridges may be placed on or underneath the single shelf. The door is hinged at the left side and has a single latch on the right.

The material of construction is DuraStar® plastic which has all of the important mechanical and impact properties of polycarbonate for this application, but has the optical properties of an acrylic.

Features of the Secador 1.0 Desiccator Cabinet:

  • Built-in hygrometer for quick reading of the relative humidity levels
  • Transparent for easy viewing of the contents
  • Superior chemical resistance and it resists staining and crazing
  • Patented sealed construction
  • One strong latch with provision for a lock (or tamper-evident seal)
  • Airtight
  • Stackable on a small footprint
  • Available with gas port option

Overall dimensions:

34.1 cm wide x 21.3 cm high x 41.3 cm deep (13.4x8.4x16.3")

Door opening:
22.5 cm wide and 11.2 cm high (8.9" and 4.4").

Internal volume:
21.172 liters (1,290 cubic inches) (0.75 cubic feet)