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Secador 2.0 Auto Desiccator Cabinet, Amber 220v/50Hz F42072-1228
Secador 2.0 Auto Desiccator Cabinet, Amber 220v/50Hz F42072-1228
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Secador 2.0 Auto Desiccator Cabinet, Amber 220v/50Hz F42072-1228

Item Number 01820-AX
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Price  $1,052.93

Model F42072-1228 Secador Auto Desiccator Cabinet Amber comes with 220v/50 H

This outstanding dehumidification performance of the Autodesiccator models are recommended for more perishable and expensive chemicals that require constant low humidity. Totally automatic, continual desiccation with silica beads, and regeneration every twenty minutes, keeps the relative humidity (RH) level in the Secaador 2.0 Desiccator at a constant level. No longer does one have to tolerate a regeneration lag between cycles and there is a minimal change when opening the cabinet door. Two fans guarantee continuous air flow within the cabinet and continuous exhaust of humid air.

  • Built-in hygrometer for quick testing of the relative humidity levels
  • 2 shelves, 2 positions, 2 latches
  • Reduces relative humidity from 75% to less than 25% in about 8 hours
  • Maintains relative humidity within a narrow range

Transparent for easy viewing of the contents with superior chemical resistance and it resists staining and crazing. Patented sealed construction this is the model that operates silently and automatically, and the decissant never needs replacing since it is constantly being regenerated by the unique desiccant regeneration module. The desiccant has a long lifetime but should be checked to determine if it needs replacements.

Door opening:
22.5 cm wide and 21 cm high (8.9" and 8.25").

Overall dimensions:
34.1 wide x 31.5 cm high x 41.4 cm deep (13.4" x 12.4" x 16.3")

Internal volume:
33.131 liters (2021.76 cubic inches) (1.17 cubic feet)