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Secador Techni-Dome 360 Balance Enclosure
Secador Techni-Dome 360 Balance Enclosure
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Secador Techni-Dome 360 Balance Enclosure

Item Number 01617-AB
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Price  $1,464.50

The Techni-Dome® 360 Balance Enclosure offers maximum interior space for safely positioning an analytical balance in a virtually draft-free environment. Molded of clear, high strength polycarbonate, the Techni-Dome® 360 Balance Enclosure provides an unobstructed view of the contents from any angle without any need for interior lighting.

The included Vibrasorb Vibration Damping Mount absorbs vibrations to isolate sensitive analytical balance from nearby disturbances. Polycarbonate construction affords resistance to a wide range of chemicals, high impact strength and scratch-resistance. The smooth, hemispherical interior cleans easily. Molded-in handles and low weight offer portability, making the unit suitable for field use. The unit's two-piece construction allows for quick weighing of samples and its dished bottom allows for spill containment and easy cleanup. To use the Balance Enclosure, simply open the top half, place the balance on the Vibrasorb®Damping Mount, and close the unit. The Balance Enclosure is now ready for use. Samples that need to be weighed can be conveniently introduced into the unit through one of two provided ports.