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Welch Duo Seal Mechanical Pump Fluid, 1 Gallon
Welch Duo Seal Mechanical Pump Fluid, 1 Gallon
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Welch Duo Seal Mechanical Pump Fluid, 1 Gallon

Item Number 01112-XK
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Use with confidence for all mechanical pumps pumping out diffusion pumps except for those diffusion pumps that are charged with perfluorinated polyether (PPE) pump fluids (e.g. Fomblin®, Krytox®, or SPI-Tox™). 

There is a fundamental incompatibility between fluorocarbon based pump fluids vs. hydrocarbon based pump fluids and the two fluids should not be mixed. Similarly, if you have a pump presently charged with one of the perfluorinated polyether that you want to convert to hydrocarbon usage, it is nearly impossible to clean the pump of the original fluid well enough for it ever to be able to run properly on a pure hydrocarbon pump fluid. 

SPI LOBO™ Mechanical Pump Fluid

1 Gallon


Comments about vacuum greases:
Make sure your vacuum greases are "compatible" with the fluid you are using, in this case the fluids being hydrocarbon fluids. We would recommend use of one of the hydrocarbon based Apiezon® greases or even the highly stableSantovac® 5GB high vacuum grease for use with vacuum systems charged with hydrocarbon fluids.