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View Ports

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View Ports

Many users of UHV systems frequently make use of view port either to view samples within the vacuum system or to couple radiation for sample processing and/or measurement. Depending on the application, view ports utilize a range of window materials from simple glass for optical viewing to specialized materials that are tailored to a specific application. These windows are mounted in ConFlat flanges to form the view port assembly. They are available in a variety of standard sizes to best fit the customer’s particular vacuum system requirements. Additionally, view ports provided at SPI are guaranteed to be fully compatible with UHV systems and include confirmed high temperature bake ratings and vacuum leak specifications.

Where the best window transmission characteristics are important, all view ports can be supplied with windows that include custom anti-reflection (AR) coatings. In situations where concerns for X-ray leakage exist, view ports can also incorporate lead glass shielding to block any stray radiation.

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