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Fluids for Diffusion and Mechanical Pumps
Fluids for Diffusion and Mechanical Pumps

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Fluids for Diffusion and Mechanical Pumps

SPI Supplies sells a wide range of diffusion and mechanical pump fluids for electron microscopes, vacuum evaporators and associated instrumentation and equipment that have diffusion or mechanical pumps and require periodic changes of the pump fluids. All of our pump fluids are virgin in nature and not re-refined or re-cycled

Pump fluids can be segmented by application (e. g. mechanical pump vs diffusion pump) or fluid type (e.g. perfluorinated polyether vs. silicone vs polyphenyl ether vs dioctyl sebacate vs. other hydrocarbon type fluids). We have segmented our fluid options according to the second option. (see subcategories in Fluids below)

Special note to electron microscope users:

If you have a diffusion pumped system, and are experiencing short filament life, it might be time for you to change the diffusion pump (or mechanical pump) fluids in the pumps. Also, if you have a large grain size and/or a black kind of precipitate in your chamber when evaporating metals or even carbon, your pump fluids may need changing.

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