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Vacseal Products
Vacseal Products

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Vacseal Products

Vacseal® is a silicone based liquid resin system developed primarily for sealing leaks in high and UHV systems. It was recently reformulated to contain no Class 1 ozone depleting chemicals. Vacseal® will seal leaks as large as 4 micron liters per second on systems under evacuation. The sealant will repair larger leaks if the system is at atmospheric pressure. Weight loss and vapor pressure characteristics are truly outstanding. Vacseal® is extremely useful as a cement for sealing all kinds of optical windows and CRT glass to wire feed throughs. It will substantially reduce the IR reflectivity of metals and will produce higher emissivity levels for better heat transfer. The product can be used for the sealing of Brewster windows for lasers. And it can be used for more mundane applications such as the repairing of gauge tubes and also vacuum feed throughs. Vacseal, when sprayed on a surface, "dries" to a film that is optically transparent and exhibiting optical properties generally characteristic of clear silicone polymers.

The use of this product almost always results in reduced downtime, in some cases eliminates the need for expensive "permanent" repairs, and on occasion has been known to save an experiment in progress (an argument for keeping some on hand, "just in case"). Vacseal® has major potential for application as an adhesive at cryogenic temperatures as well as good radiation resistance. The sealant's durability will survive the environment of space without adverse effect on the product or the spacecraft itself. For vacuum systems, just about where there is any kind of a joint is a potential application for Vacseal.

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