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We offer a eight different tweezers styles, all made by Dumont™ in Switzerland, taking advantage of the most advanced Swiss manufacturing technology. All are handmade, one at a time, and are of the highest quality yet are still offered at affordable prices. All have green epoxy coated handles with exposed metal tips. Do not confuse this green epoxy coating with other tweezers that are PTFE coated.

Note: These "electronic" tweezers are made to a lesser standard than the SPI High Precision tweezers. These tweezers are designed more for their electrical characteristics than their "picking up" characteristics. All are made of INOX stainless steel and are available in four different finishes. While these tweezers were developed also developed for work at low temperatures, for that kind of work we recommend the SPI PTFE coated tweezers from the "high precision" section.

Important Note: These tweezers will NOT pick up electron microscope grids as easily as the "high precision" tweezer products and are therefore not recommended for that use.