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TEM Sample Storage
TEM Sample Storage

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TEM Sample Storage

Comments about TEM grid storage boxes:

We offer two brands of TEM grid storage boxes, the SPI Supplies® Brand and the BEEM® Brand (Slide-A-Grid™/Twist-A-Grid™ and Dial-A-Grid™ styles respectively). Both brands of boxes were designed and engineered by professional TEM users with very definite ideas about the proper way to store and retrieve grids. Both are designed to hold standard grids of 3.05 mm diameter in the range of thicknesses which will fit into a typical TEM specimen stage.

There are three significant differences between these products:

  1. Obviously, the Dial-A-Grid holds 24 grids, while the Twist-A-Grid holds 50, and the Slide-A-Grid holds 100 grids.
  2. The cover of the Dial-A-Grid box exposes one grid at a time; the cover of the Twist-A-Grid box exposes 3 and the Slide-A-Grid box exposes 5 grids at a time.
  3. The individual spaces in the Slide-A-Grid and Twist-A-Grid boxes require that the grids be placed in a particular orientation; the individual spaces in the Dial-A-Grid boxes allow the user to choose either of two orientations.
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