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Inspection Mirrors
Inspection Mirrors

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Inspection Mirrors

The SPI Supplies® Brand of telescoping inspection mirrors are precision made instruments for the inspection of difficult to see places, whether in the scientific laboratory or the home kitchen. Always be able to see what you can't reach. All feature a high quality no distortion glass mirror with a full rotation ball joint that allows viewing a full 360° around the axis of the handle and mirror. The telescoping tempered corrosion-resistant stainless steel extension arm is treated to minimize friction during extending and retracting. The telescoping element of these mirrors is made to the same specification of automobile radio antennas which must withstand weather, the elements, and salt corrosion when driven in winter climates.

You can pay more for these kinds of tools but you won't be able to get a better quality. When making your purchase, consider some of the other retrieval tools offered by SPI Supplies, including magnetic pick up tools and "pronged grabbers".

Other features:

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel telescoping handle extends and retracts with minimal friction because of special proprietary surface treatment
  • Elastomeric cushioned handle means there is always going to be a secure grip even when wet or oily. Select between designs that fit snuggly into a tool box or can be worn in a shirt pocket (with its convenient picket clip).
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