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Off the Shelf

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Off the Shelf

These different reference standard products represent a collection of polished metals, minerals and synthetic compounds, suitable for electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope x-ray analysis.

The standards for microanalysis are mounted with a special proprietary epoxy resin and after polishing, are carbon-coated, thus providing conductivity from the metal or mineral grains to the stainless steel or brass rim which encloses the plastic. The elements are all of those which are stable at room temperature and which can be polished. It may be necessary to make substitutions from time to time in the minerals offered, but every effort is made to preserve a similar diversity of range.

Among our various mounts (or standards for microanalysis), all naturally occurring stable elements are represented, with the exception of the noble gases. Each item is labelled right on the mount by microscopic lettering etched by an electron beam. Labels include a reference number and, in most cases, a description in letters 60 µm high. The lettering can be read in the secondary or backscattered electron images of an SEM or through the light microscope viewing system of a microprobe. This unique method of identification is extremely useful in route-finding on the higher density mounts, particularly when only one high-power light optical magnification is available.

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