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SPI-Dry Sample Preservers
SPI-Dry Sample Preservers

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SPI-Dry Sample Preservers

Very often it becomes important to save, store, or transport important SEM, TEM, LM or other kinds of samples (e.g. LC "liquid chromatography" standards) under an inert atmosphere. The SPI-Dry Sample Preserver Capsules are designed for purging with an inert gas so that the samples are not necessarily stored under vacuum, but rather they are stored under a positive pressure of the pure inert gas. A vacuum could be used for faster purging by evacuating and then purging and backfilling to a positive pressure. But what distinguishes these Capsules from other storage systems is the ability to store long term under positive pressure.

Of course, if desired, the SPI-Dry Sample Preserver Capsules could be used as a vacuum storage device but that would not be the best utilization of this product.

Putting it another way, the SPI-Dry Sample Preserver Capsules are specialized containers that enable one to replace the reactive atmospheric air typically present in the container with an inert gas.