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The Secador desiccating cabinets form an entire family of products, known for their very high quality but with economical prices. They are intended for both long and short terms storage of critical laboratory samples that must be stored in a dry, dust-free and oil-free environment. These desiccator cabinets feature a new contemporary design and would fit right into the environment of any modern laboratory anywhere. The material of construction is DuraStar plastic which has all of the important mechanical and impact properties of polycarbonate for this application, but has the optical properties of an acrylic.

The cabinets are available in small or large models, with either horizontal or vertical orientation. They are also available in completely clear, completely blue, clear with blue end caps, or amber. Choose either a standard Secador Desiccator Cabinet or a Secador Auto-Desiccator Cabinet to meet your specific humidity and/or dust protection requirements. The stackable small model is ideal for maximizing storage space in the minimum size footprint. All cabinets block out 98% of UV radiation. In addition, amber cabinets also reduce 50% of visible light giving added protection to those light sensitive samples.

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