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PTFE Test Tubes
PTFE Test Tubes

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PTFE Test Tubes

The SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Test Tubes are manufactured from pure virgin PTFE for maximum consistency and homogeneity which results in a "super-smooth" internal surface finish. The PTFE test tubes are inert and usable to 280°C.

Why PTFE test tubes?
Simply put, contaminants can be leached out of glass and then detected in one's samples with many of today's modern instruments of analysis. Leaching has occurred from time immemorial, of course, but it is only in the relatively recent past that these trace impurities could be detected. However, if PTFE test tubes are used, one can avoid completely this potential problem.

Two versions of the product are available: a) Screw cap and b) Lip only and no screw cap in round or conical shape bottom

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