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Quantifoil Gold
Quantifoil Gold

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Quantifoil Gold

Selecting the Right Quantifoil for Your Needs

Standard Quantifoil Products
(All values are in micrometers)
Circular holes
StyleHole sizeSpace Btw Holesctr to ctr dis
R 2/1213
R 2/1224
R 2/4246
R 1.2/
R 3.5/13.514.5
R 1/ 4145
R 0.6/10.6
(can be up to 1 µm)
Square Holes
StyleSizeBar widthRepeat distance
S 7/2729
StyleSizeBar widthRepeat distance
HEX 1526 (inscribed circle)1541
Multiple Holes
StyleCircular holesOval HolesBar width
Multi A1 to 24x1, 8x20.5 to 4