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Diamond Grids
Diamond Grids

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Diamond Grids

SPI Supplies offers these innovative grids which are made using the latest diamond thin film technology developed in the aerospace industry. The process used is called 'activated chemical vapor deposition (CVD)'. Diamond is grown on a silicon wafer followed by a complete removal of the Si to get a free standing diamond film and eventually the grids. These grids are made of solid diamond and there is nothing else involved.

An important characteristics of diamond is it has a thermal conductivity approximately four times higher than that of copper. Translated, this means that diamond can carry away heat four times more efficiently than copper!

Diamond is very rigid compared with other materials of the same thickness. It is also the hardest material known and has a very low sputter rate. Diamond is chemically inert and samples mounted on the SPI Diamond Grids can be cleaned easily or etched prior to examination in the TEM.

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