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Instructions for cleaning

It should not normally be necessary to routinely clean a Faraday cup. However, should the mount itself develop signs of contamination, and if it is lightly buffed, remembering that this should be avoided if at all possible so as not to remove the electron beam lettering, it is highly likely that non-conducting particles, from the buffing, could end up contaminating the aperture hole, causing the beam to behave erratically.

Should this turn out to have happened, then the entire mount with the Faraday cup, should be placed face down on a soft surface such as lint free cotton, in an ultrasonic alcohol bath for 30 seconds. Remove and allow to dry face down on another piece of either lint-free cotton or Selvyt® Polishing Cloth.

Remember that in the case of the SPI electron beam lettered standards for electron beam microanalysis, if the lettering does get polished or buffed off inadvertently, you don't have to purchase a new standard. Just take advantage of the SPI standard refurbishing service.

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