DYOS Standard Groups

Standards in the SPI Metals Group

This list contains all the pure elements which can be mounted and polished.

From the standards library of SPI SuppliesŪ.
Follow the links to details and a photograph of the material as it appears when mounted and polished.
The items are arranged in order of atomic number.
These items are not sold loose

Name Formula SPI SuppliesŪ
Mounted Standard Item #
Each Buy for mount
Beryllium Be AS0010-AB $
Boron B AS0020-AB $
Carbon C AS0030-AB $
Magnesium Mg AS0040-AB $
Aluminum Al AS0050-AB $
Silicon Si AS0060-AB $
Scandium Sc AS0070-AB $
Titanium Ti AS0080-AB $
Vanadium V AS0090-AB $
Chromium Cr AS0100-AB $
Manganese Mn AS0110-AB $
Iron Fe AS0120-AB $
Cobalt Co AS0130-AB $
Nickel Ni AS0140-AB $
Copper Cu AS0150-AB $
Zinc Zn AS0160-AB $
Germanium Ge AS0170-AB $
Selenium Se AS0180-AB $
Yttrium Y AS0190-AB $
Zirconium Zr AS0200-AB $
Niobium Nb AS0210-AB $
Molybdenum Mo AS0220-AB $
Ruthenium Ru AS0230-AB $
Rhodium Rh AS0240-AB $
Palladium Pd AS0250-AB $
Silver Ag AS0260-AB $
Cadmium Cd AS0270-AB $
Indium In AS0280-AB $
Tin Sn AS0290-AB $
Antimony Sb AS0300-AB $
Tellurium Te AS0310-AB $
Samarium Sm AS0320-AB $
Gadolinium Gd AS0330-AB $
Terbium Tb AS0340-AB $
Dysprosium Dy AS0350-AB $
Holmium Ho AS0360-AB $
Erbium Er AS0370-AB $
Thulium Tm AS0380-AB $
Ytterbium Yb AS0390-AB $
Hafnium Hf AS0400-AB $
Tantalum Ta AS0410-AB $
Tungsten W AS0420-AB $
Rhenium Re AS0430-AB $
Osmium Os AS0440-AB $
Iridium Ir AS0450-AB $
Platinum Pt AS0460-AB $
Gold Au AS0470-AB $
Lead Pb AS0480-AB $
Bismuth Bi AS0490-AB $
Thorium Th AS0500-AB $
Uranium U AS0510-AB $


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