DYOS Standard Groups

Standards in the Rare Earth Phosphate Group

The items on this list are very rare Rare Earth standards.

From the standards library of SPI SuppliesŪ.
Follow the links to details and a photograph of the material as it appears when mounted and polished.
The items on this list are all "man-made" crystals and they can be acquired as a packaged set in SPI item 02759-AB.
The items are arranged in alphabetic order.

Name Formula SPI SuppliesŪ
Mounted Standard Item #
Each Buy for mount SPI SuppliesŪ
Loose Standard Item #
Each Buy loose
Cerium Phosphate CeP5O14 AS3010-AB $ AS3015-AB $
Dysprosium Phosphate DyP5O14 AS3020-AB $ AS3025-AB $
Erbium Phosphate ErP5O14 AS3030-AB $ AS3035-AB $
Europium Phosphate EuP5O14 AS3040-AB $ AS3045-AB $
Gadolinium Phosphate GdP5O14 AS3050-AB $ AS3055-AB $
Holmium Phosphate HoP5O14 AS3060-AB $ AS3065-AB $
Lanthanum Phosphate LaP5O14 AS3070-AB $ AS3075-AB $
Lutetium Phosphate LuP5O14 AS3080-AB $ AS3085-AB $
Neodymium Phosphate NdP5O14 AS3090-AB $ AS3095-AB $
Praseodymium Phosphate PrP5O14 AS3100-AB $ AS3105-AB $
Samarium Phosphate SmP5O14 AS3110-AB $ AS3115-AB $
Terbium Phosphate TbP5O14 AS3120-AB $ AS3125-AB $
Thulium Phosphate TmP5O14 AS3130-AB $ AS3135-AB $
Ytterbium Phosphate YbP5O14 AS3140-AB $ AS3145-AB $
Yttrium Phosphate YP5O14 AS3150-AB $ AS3155-AB $


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