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Standards in the Charles M. Taylor Glasses Group

From the standards library of the C. M. Taylor Company.
Follow the links to details and photographs of the material.
The items on this list were synthesized at NIST (formerly NBS) and cover a wide range of compositions.
Those with SRM numbers are certified.
The items are arranged in alphabetic order.

Name Formula SPI SuppliesŪ
Mounted Standard Item #
Each Buy for mount SPI SuppliesŪ
Loose Standard Item #
Each Buy loose
K-0229 Glass Pb65O21Si14* AS7020-AB $ AS7025-AB $
K-0230 Glass Pb42O24Si14Ba9Ta4Zn4Al3* AS7030-AB $ AS7035-AB $
K-0240 Glass O34Ba27Si19Zr7Ti6Zn4Mg3* AS7040-AB $ AS7045-AB $
K-0249 Glass Pb40O24Si14Ba9Ta8Al3Bi2* AS7050-AB $ AS7055-AB $
K-0251 Glass Pb44O23Si14Ba9Bi5Ta4Al1* AS7060-AB $ AS7065-AB $
K-0252 Glass Ba31O31Si19Zn8Cu5Co4Mn3* AS7070-AB $ AS7075-AB $
K-0253 Glass O32Ba31Si19Zn8Mn6Co2Cu2* AS7080-AB $ AS7085-AB $
K-0309 Glass O39Si19Ba13Ca11Fe11Al8* AS7090-AB $ AS7095-AB $
K-0326 Glass O51Mg18Si14B9Ca6Na2* AS7100-AB $ AS7105-AB $
K-0373 U Glass O42Si32Na10Ba10Zn5* AS7110-AB $ AS7115-AB $
K-0375 U Glass O42Si32Na10Ba10Zn5* AS7120-AB $ AS7125-AB $
K-0376 U Glass O42Si32Na10Ba10Zn5* AS7130-AB $ AS7135-AB $
K-0377 U Glass O42Si31Na10Ba10Zn5U1* AS7140-AB $ AS7145-AB $
K-0378 U Glass O42Si31Na10Ba10Zn5U2* AS7150-AB $ AS7155-AB $
K-0409 Glass O43Si26Fe16Al8Na7* AS7160-AB $ AS7165-AB $
K-0411 Glass O42Si25Fe11Ca11Mg9* AS7170-AB $ AS7175-AB $
K-0412 Glass O43Si21Mg12Ca11Fe8Al5* AS7180-AB $ AS7185-AB $
K-0453 Glass Pb55Ge29O17* AS7190-AB $ AS7195-AB $
K-0456 Glass Pb66O20Si13* AS7200-AB $ AS7205-AB $
K-0458 Glass Ba42O32Si23Zn3* AS7210-AB $ AS7215-AB $
K-0489 Glass Ba39O32Si22Zn3Pb1Ta1Ce1* AS7220-AB $ AS7225-AB $
K-0490 Glass O61B22Al10Li2Pb1Ta1Ce1Zr1* AS7230-AB $ AS7235-AB $
K-0491 Glass Pb55Ge26O17Ta1* AS7240-AB $ AS7245-AB $
K-0493 Glass Pb64O21Si13Ta1* AS7250-AB $ AS7255-AB $
K-0495 Glass O64B23Al11Li2* AS7260-AB $ AS7265-AB $
K-0496 Glass O54P35Al6Mg5* AS7270-AB $ AS7275-AB $
K-0497 Glass O52P33Al6Mg5Pb1Ta1Ce1* AS7280-AB $ AS7285-AB $
K-0521 Glass O53Ce22B21Li3* AS7300-AB $ AS7305-AB $
K-0546 Glass O61B22Al10Li2Eu1Ba1* AS7320-AB $ AS7325-AB $
K-0963 Glass O41Ge30Si22Zn3Eu1Zr1* AS7350-AB $ AS7355-AB $
K-0968 Glass Pb55Ge26O17* AS7360-AB $ AS7365-AB $
K-1013 Glass O52P32Al6Mg6Eu1Ba1* AS7450-AB $ AS7455-AB $
K-1053 Glass Pb55Ge26O17Ta1* AS7460-AB $ AS7465-AB $
* This indicates the approximate weight percentages of the major elements rather than the chemical formula.


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