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The purpose of the keyword search is to help find where different topics are covered on the SPI Supplies/Structure Probe, Inc. website. Sometimes searching is done by topic (e.g. histology) rather than by a specific product. Or put in the word string "plasma etcher" and find out everywhere plasma etchers are mentioned on the site. Or know the SPI# and you want to know where to find it on the website? Enter the complete part number, ie: 05002-ab

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Fill in One or Both blanks above and click "Price Look up". If you make an error and want to start over again, click on "Clear" and try again. You do not need to know the entire product number, for example, a bottle of carbon paint has on the label the SPI#5006, and that is all you need enter, just "5006".

Product descriptions are based on the descriptions that end up on invoices. Some of the descriptions are not always so obvious. For example, silver paint is listed as "Ag Colloid". If you put in silver paint, the price search engine will not successfully find the looked-for product. So please bear with us as we find solutions to these "bugs" on our website!

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