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# AS5710-AB



ElementWt % OxideWt %
Li 0.05Li2O 0.11
O 35.56
Na 1.63Na2O 2.20
Al 8.98Al2O3 16.98
Si 21.96SiO2 46.98
K 0.06K2O 0.07
Rb 0.16Rb2O 0.17
Cs 31.60Cs2O 33.50

Sum100.0 Sum100.0

Crushed separated crystals

Polished pollucite in custom standard.
Locality: Pakistan
This is a pure single phase end-member of the Pollucite species.

Name Description SPI # Each
Pollucite SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Mounted Microanalysis Standard Item AS5710-AB $
Pollucite SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Loose Microanalysis Standard Item AS5715-AB $

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