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# AS1200-AB



ElementWt % OxideWt %
H 0.22H2O 1.97
O 42.83
Na 1.81Na2O 2.44
Mg 7.57MgO 12.55
Al 6.54Al2O3 12.36
Si 18.74SiO2 40.09
K 0.97K2O 1.17
Ca 8.26CaO 11.56
Ti 3.02TiO2 5.04
Mn 0.14MnO 0.18
Fe 9.51FeO 12.24

Sum 99.6 Sum 99.6

Loose crystals
This is a reflected light micrograph of polished, carbon coated kaersutite crystals. The identifying etched label, which is a feature of our standards, is invaluable for navigating in an electron beam instrument. Kaersutite is an amphibole, which allows a wide range of chemical elements to enter its structure. It therefore has many possibilities as a standard. The moderate amounts of potassium, titanium and sodium, for instance, as well as the more abundant silicon, aluminium and calcium. It is named after the type locality, Kaersut, in Greenland. This sample comes from Kangerdlugssuaq in East Greenland.
Click here for a mineralogical account of everything you might want to know about Kaersutite.

Name Description SPI # Each
Kaersutite SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Mounted Microanalysis Standard Item AS1200-AB $
Kaersutite SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Loose Microanalysis Standard Item AS1205-AB $

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