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# AS1020-AB



ElementWt % OxideWt %
O 42.01
Mg 6.45MgO 10.70
Al 11.67Al2O3 22.05
Si 18.32SiO2 39.19
Ca 3.00CaO 4.20
Mn 0.46MnO 0.59
Fe 18.09FeO 23.27

Sum100.0 Sum100.0

Crushed separated crystals

Locality: New York State, USA
This is an optical micrograph of a polished, carbon coated almandine garnet crystal taken in reflected light. The identifying etched label, which is a feature of our standards, is invaluable for navigating in an electron beam instrument. Almandine (or almandite) is the iron aluminum end member of the garnets and is a rugged mineral as can be seen from its good polish and prominent relief. Homogeneous garnets are rare so this is a prized material.
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Name Description SPI # Each
Almandine SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Mounted Microanalysis Standard Item AS1020-AB $
Almandine SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Loose Microanalysis Standard Item AS1025-AB $

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