NG04-071C NanoMINUS Nitride

NG04-071C NanoMINUS Nitride
NG04-071C NanoMINUS Nitride
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NanoMinus TEM grids are negatively charged to capture nanoparticles with positive surface charge.
NanoMinusTEM grids are hydrophilic and have electron transparent membrane windows with negative surface charge. Particles with positive partial surface charge "stick" to the grid surface through electrostatic interaction. Simply immersing the NanoMinus grid in a drop of solution and then rinsing results in uniform distribution of the material across the grid surface with minimal agglomeration for accurate, reproducible metrology. NanoMinus Grids also improve the reproducibility of samples prepared using drop-casting, dip-coating, or aerosol deposition methods.

  • Window Size: 2 mm x 50 µm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Package of 10

NanoMinus TEM grids are now available with functionalized Si3N4 membrane windows to aid in TEM sample preparation for a variety of nanomaterials including quaternary and primary amine derivatized particles, lysine coated particles, Lewis acids, and other cationic materials.