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Structure Probe's senior technical staff are available for consultation concerning work to be done and work which has recently been completed. When these meetings are held in one of our facilities, there is no charge. If a member of our staff is asked to visit a client location, whether it is to discuss potential work, to give a seminar on recent developments in electron optics, to design an analytical protocol or to give legal testimony, we charge a consulting fee. We charge a minimum of one full day for such off site work. We are there to work for the client, and not to try to sell additional services. The fee charged covers the cost of sending a senior technical staff member to the client's location to provide this kind of service. We operate on a "nominal" day so that if the time required is somewhat more or less than eight hours, the charge is still for one day. In general, we do not charge for travel time, only for the time with the client, subject to the one day minimum charge.

                $ 2,500.00 / day or portion thereof plus reasonable 
                             travel expenses from West Chester, PA 
                             to the client's site and return 

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