SPI Supplies

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Services

Room temperature and cryo capabilities cover every eventuality

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Our fees include routine sample preparation as required, including sputter coating and/or carbon coating, mounting materials and Polaroid Land film needed for the conduct of the work. For information about SPI Module Sputter/Carbon Coaters.

			$ 250/hr with a $700 minimum fee

  • For more information on SEM.
  • Particle size distribution analysis also available at economical "add on" prices.

  • Cryo SEM

    Preparation and preservation using
    a cryo-transfer stage and system

    Analysis of liquids, low-melting point materials, soft film forming polymer emulsions, immobilized diffusible compounds, and delicate biological structures. Samples are quench frozen in liquid nitrogen slush and transferred to the SEM without exposure to air. Where necessary, samples can be etched by sublimation, freeze fractured, and/or gold coated to provide surface conductivity. Fee includes basic SEM charges and senior technical supervision.
    			$ 2,800 / day