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While information is the heart of our ability to provide superior service, one of our most important assets is the full trust of our customers and clients. Keeping customer information secure, and using it only as our customers would want us to use it, is a top priority for all of us here at SPI Supplies and Structure Probe, Inc.

Please be aware of our promise to you:

  1. It is our intention to give you, the viewer who is also our customer, complete control over any information that might be provided to our firm. On an around-the-clock basis, you can explore the Structure Probe, Inc. - SPI Supplies website without ever telling us who you are or giving us any other information about yourself. This promise also extends to the "planting of cookies" in a viewer's browser. We will not attempt to plant a "cookie" mainly because such action would run against our corporate culture and our own feelings about potential privacy violations. But, with regard to your having left us any information at all of any type, we view it as a real trust. We consider your trust to be truly priceless. We would never knowingly do anything to put that trust at risk.

  2. One important exception:
    When you use the SPI Supplies "Shopping Cart", the only way the "cart" can work at all is to plant a temporary short-lived "cookie" into the browser of the customer making a purchase. Such cookies would exist only for the purpose of making the cart "work", and in any case, after the order is completed, the "cookie" would be self-extinguishing and disappear from the browser. For the ordinary browsing of the SPI Supplies website, so long as the shopping cart is not in use, it would still be our policy to not plant "cookies", or to make any attempt to gain other information about our visitors.

    An exception to the exception:
    If, and in our sole opinion, we have reason to believe there is some kind of abuse of the SPI website, we reserve the right to monitor, and/or record any activity occurring on the website without prior notice or authorization. If you do not agree to such monitoring, but only in such situations, you should now exit immediately.

  3. There could be times, however when you are asking us a question or requesting a quote, and in these such instances, we will need at least some information from you. You can be 100% certain that any such information collected will never be divulged or sold or in any other way dissipated from our organization to outsiders. You can also be certain that such information will be used strictly within the context in which it was given. For correspondence with customers in certain countries outside the USA, we have agreements to send copies of correspondence to our listed agent or distributor. However, if you had specific wishes that we not do that, just let us know and from that point on, all communications would be strictly between you and SPI Supplies.

  4. The only exception would be if we were forced to divulge such information as a result of a court order from a United States Court. Please note that when a form is filled out, only those boxes with the star "bursts" are required to submit the form. We have minimized such required fill-ins to be the least intrusive. The other information we gather is strictly to better serve our customer's needs in the future. However, the non-required parts of the form are just that: not required. You should feel perfectly free to submit a form containing only the required fill-ins.

  5. The only information that is captured otherwise is your domain registration, but in no case, do we fully capture your e-mail address. Domain registration information is used for statistical purposes only, for example to determine the frequency of visits to our website by viewers, for example, in a specific market area, for example, Australia. You can be sure you will never receive any unsolicited e-mail messages unless you have specifically requested that we send you such messages by way of an affirmative answer to such a request on one of our fill-in forms.

  6. Only authorized SPI and Structure Probe, Inc. employees, who are trained in the proper handling of customer information, will have access to your information. Any employee ever found to violate our privacy promise will be subject to our normal disciplinary procedures.

  7. Structure Probe, Inc. - SPI Supplies is dedicated to the operation and management of our website to the highest professional standards. We have developed a world wide reputation for leadership in the industry of microscopy we serve and this same brand of leadership is being applied to our website as well.

  8. We will continuously assess ourselves to ensure that customer privacy is respected. We will endeavor, at all times, to conduct our business in a manner that fulfills our promise in the many countries in which we do business.

  9. Mailing lists:
    Structure Probe, Inc. and SPI Supplies do not send out mailings, either of the traditional type (e.g. "paper" or "hardcopy") or electronic (unsolicited e-mails). Unlike some firms still mailing brochures and printed catalogs, we have absolutely no need to even maintain such lists. And of course, you will never ever receive any unsolicited e-mail from us.

  10. Should you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policies, just let us know! Remember that we consider your trust in us to be one of our most valuable assets and we will spare nothing to protect the sanctity of that valued relationship!

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