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SPI-Chem Ammonium Molybdate, CAS#13106-76-8
SPI-Chem Ammonium Molybdate, CAS#13106-76-8
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SPI-Chem Ammonium Molybdate, CAS#13106-76-8

Size Options for SPI-Chem Ammonium Molybdate, CAS#13106-76-8
Size 25 g
Item Number 02551-CF
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Price  $83.23
Size 100 g
Item Number 02551-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $322.52
Chemical Formula:(NH4)2MoO4
Formula Weight:196.02
RTECS #:Not available
Color: Yellow-green
Odor:Not available
Boiling Point: Not available
Melting Point: 191° C / 376° F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):2.497
Solubility in Water:Soluble
Materials to Avoid: Strong oxidizers

Widely used for the negative staining of viruses for high resolution observation TEM. A more recent application of ammonium molybdate is for the negative staining of liposomes, particularly for the resolution of the lamellar structures present in some vesicles. While there is some latitude, pH in the range of 6.3, at least for liposomes seems to be appropriate. Another popular use, especially for the laboratory that does not have a vacuum evaporator, is for the making of molybdenum trioxide image rotation test specimens.