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Maceration Solution for Corrosion Casting Kit 940ml
Maceration Solution for Corrosion Casting Kit 940ml
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Maceration Solution for Corrosion Casting Kit 940ml

Item Number 02505-AB
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Batson's #17 anatomical corrosion casting kit is a low viscosity acrylic-based resin system yielding clean specimens, and providing good replication accuracy for all corrosion casting applications. 

Description of the Batson's #17 corrosion casting kit:
The kit is used at room temperature and is used for the preparation of the exact anatomical corrosion specimens by injecting the liquid resin plastic. After hardening, the tissue is corroded away by a caustic solution, yielding a durable, scientifically exact model for anatomical study. 


Use of color:
For SEM examination, of course, the color would not make any difference. However, we would recommend the "clear" formulation, without colorant, because of the unknown effect on the finest details (if present) of the colorant). We have never seen evidence that the colorant did reduce resolution in the final cast, but some researchers have suggested it might make a difference. So since the color adds nothing of value for an SEM examination anyhow our best advice is to stick to the clear formulation for SEM work. 

Fluorescence considerations:
All of the color formulations will fluoresce to some degree. Listed below are some specific dies for use with the Batson's #17 casting kit. 

Ancillary items that are needed:
To use the Batson's #17 kit successfully, one requires the use of a catalyst and promoter.