SPI Supplies will make shipments to any bona fide business or institution when a full street address is provided. (Exceptions to the rule are APO addresses only.)

Often times we are asked to make shipments to either a) private residences or b) hotel addresses. We will be happy to do that provided the shipment does not contain any dangerous goods.

Under no circumstances will we be a part in assisting someone in the carriage of a dangerous goods onto a commercial aircraft. If we even remotely suspect that a proposed order going to a private residence or a hotel could end up being carried illegally on a commercial aircraft, we will decline to accept the order.

Structure Probe, Inc. also has a "zero tolerance for drugs in the workplace" policy. Certain of our items are used in illicit activities. Please don't feel offended if we request further information about the legitimacy of use of an order you place with SPI Supplies.

Again, if you feel this policy, with regard to your order is unfairly restrictive in terms of your own legitimate use, please let us know so that your particular situation can be discussed.

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