DHL/FedEx/UPS are used almost exclusively for orders shipped domestically and internationally. All three couriers are comparable in both service and rates. The choice of carrier is left to the discretion of SPI. Exceptions to this rule are orders shipped collect on the customers' account or other specific instructions given at the time the order is placed.

AIR FREIGHT when necessary an order may have to ship air freight via a commercial airline. This generally happens when a dangerous goods item is ordered and can not be shipped by one of the courier service listed above. There are still a few countries which will not permit the import of dangerous goods via the couriers listed above. When that is the case, the method of shipping is always by air freight. Another instance where air freight might be used is if the weight of the order is over 150lbs.

US Postal Service we offer postal (mail) service only when specifically requested by the customer. We do not encourage the shipping of commercial) goods through the postal service for one main reason: the inability to track the package. There is a $15.00 surcharge for this service. This is in addition to the postage fees.

It is our desire to provide the highest quality shipping service to our customers. If one of the above options does not meet your needs, please contact us

Information on our Flat Rate Shipping policy.

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