NET 30 - Net 30 day terms are only available to already existing and established net 30 day customers. SPI Supplies is not granting net 30 terms to new customers at this time. To find out if your organization was grandfathered into our current policy, email us at

CREDIT CARD - We accept all major credit cards for payment and any bank fees are absorbed by SPI Supplies. Foreign customers paying with foreign currency credit cards will be charged the US Dollar equivalent at the prevailing exchange rate of the day of the credit card transaction.

PREPAYMENT - All invoices are payable in US Dollars in the form of a paper draft (check) drawn on a US bank, or electronic wire transfer. All electric wire transfers are subject to a minimum $30.00 surcharge to cover bank fees from either or both the originating or final bank. Letters of credit for orders greater than USD 25,000 are also accepted. All fees are the responsibility of the opener, not SPI.

Pricing policy and price protection against increases - All prices are subject to change without notice. However, for any customer printing a page from the website showing the current date, SPI will honor those prices for 30 days. This printed web page acts as our official quotation. You save money by not asking for a formal quote. We save money by not sending one!
(Exceptions to the above: a) products containing precious metals, and b) obvious pricing errors.)

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