NOTE: This program covers only products sold by SPI Supplies and under no circumstances will we make shipments for others.

The flat rate charge for shipping, handling, and insurance will be $13.00 for ground shipment by FedEx, or UPS to all destinations in the continental USA, irrespective of the shipment's weight or commercial value. Included are shipments that include OK-SPI products. Excluded are shipments that contain dangerous goods and cold packs.

This means an order consisting of tweezers, TEM grids, Parafilm®, and SPI Supplies silver paint, which is OK-SPI product, would ship under the flat rate program to any continental USA business address (see important exception below).

Such shipments are subject to the special OK-SPI packaging charge to cover the cost of the special packaging that makes possible the lower cost shipment.


United States Postal Service (USPS)
We do not consider the USPS to be one of our preferred shippers. We will make such shipments if requested by a customer. However, such shipments will not be done under our flat rate program and the shipping/insurance charges will be invoiced at cost plus a handling charge of $15.00.

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