The charges described on this page are packaging charges levied by SPI and are not to be considered part of the actual shipping charges.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Charge

Generally speaking, this charge is applied to items classified as Dangerous Goods (ie: DG). Whenever you see a product with a UN# icon without the OK-SPI icon, the item is classified as a DG and subject to this fee.

SPI #Each
DGPACK$ 20.00

Excepted Quantity Packaging Charge

This charge applies for shipments shipping via OK-SPI procedures. In most cases, the charge applies for the whole shipment since a number of items can go into the same parcel. There are exceptions and these will be addressed in our proforma invoice or order acknowledgement.

SPI #Each
Domestic OrdersOKSPID$ 12.00
International OrdersOKSPII   12.00

Toxic Packaging Charge

This charge applies to items classified as Toxic, CLASS 6.

SPI #Each

The best advice we can give our customers for saving money is to pay attention to those items available as OK-SPI designations. If you can place your order so it can be shipped as an OK-SPI shipment, we guarantee you will save money.


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