Mr. Nita Petru, Manager
                      S.C. Promed Impex S.R.L.
                      Str Dionisie Fotino nr. 25
                      Sector 1
                      011631 Bucharest

                      Wireless Phone: 072-611-6891
                      Phone:          +40-21-2338612
                      FAX:            +40-21-2301010

Also representatives for: FEI Company EDAX Welsem

                       Dr. Kristof Kovacs
                       STAR KKT
                       Veszprem, 4/C Klakpa Street
                       H-8201  HUNGARY

                       Phone: +36 88 737549
                       FAX: +36 88 328643

Other important information for customers placing direct orders from Romania:
Flat Rate Charges for Shipping/Handling/Insurance for SPI Supplies®
Direct Shipments from the USA to Romania.

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