Dr. Ladislav Pucek/Dr. Boris Mic
                      Scientific Instruments Brno s.r.o.
                      Havlickova 86
                      CZ-602 00 Brno

                      Phone:  (420) 5 43 24 47 64 
                      FAX:    (420) 5 43 24 03 58

                      Alexandr Zemek
                      EDLIN s.r.o.                     
                      Za Kralupkou 440
                      277 11 Libis
                      Czech Republic

                      Phone:  +420.313.034666
                      Mobile: +420.603.250268    
                      Fax:    +420.313.034662
                      E-mail: zemek@edlin.cz

Other important information for customers placing direct orders from Czech Republic:
Flat Rate Charges for Shipping/Handling/Insurance for SPI Supplies®
Direct Shipments from the USA to Czech Republic.

Also representatives for these fine companies: 
FEI EDAX Soft Imaging Advancemicrobeam

Links to WWW sites of local interest in the Czech Republic:

Czechoslovak Microscopy Society
Czechoslovak Microscopy Society

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