Mrs. Pnina Rosenberg 
     SPI Supplies/CANADA
     603 Castlefield Avenue
     Toronto, Ontario M5N 1L9
     Phone:  1-888-204-5133(Answered at SPI Supplies in Toronto)
     FAX:    1-416-781-0249

     Alternative toll free number:
             1-800-2424-SPI(Answered at SPI Supplies in USA)

     Sharon Rosenberg (branch of SPI Supplies/Canada)
     London, Ontario 

Other important information for customers placing direct orders from Canada:
Flat Rate Charges for Shipping/Handling/Insurance for SPI Supplies®
Direct Shipments from the USA to Canada.

Links to WWW sites of local interest in Canada:
Microscopial Society of Canada
Microscopial Society of Canada

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