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Plasma Cleaner / Etcher / Asher
Plasma Cleaner / Etcher / Asher

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Plasma Cleaner / Etcher / Asher

SPI Supplies offers a complete line of cleaners and etchers for your sample preparation needs. From the UV Prep for removal of hydrocarbons from SEM samples to low temperature RF etcher/asher Plasma Prep III, the parallel plate (PPX) and reactive ion etcher (RIE) systems as well as the high energy microwave plasma systems, we cover the complete range of RF plasma systems. There is of course some overlap among these systems and which one may be better for your application, so keep in mind that the information for these systems is more of a "rule of thumb", and should you have any applications questions, just ask!

Items in Plasma Cleaner / Etcher / Asher

Plasma Prep X


Plasma Prep RIE