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These two pump fluids, Fomblin and Krytox, manufactured by Ausimont and DuPont respectively, while quite similar in properties, it must be emphasized that they are not the same identical product. We will leave it up to the manufacturers to make the case as to just how they are different and to what degree one is "better" than the other.

To the best of our knowledge, and so far as we know, any diffusion pump that has been operating with Fomblin in an electron microscope application, and which has had the pump fluid replaced with Krytox, has continued to perform in a way that was indistinguishable from when the system was first charged with the Fomblin product. And the reverse of that is true as well, one can apparently convert from Krytox back to the Fomblin situation without any negative effects.

Advantages of the perfluorinated polyether fluids in column instruments:

While all diffusion pump fluids do have some low level of molecular species in the microscope column, the perfluorinated polyether species do not get polymerized in the presence of the ionizing radiation as is the case for hydrocarbon pump fluids.

The end result of this advantage is that the column runs cleaner, longer and whatever contamination in the column that might other wise be present is present but at much lower levels. Putting it another way, microscope downtime is greatly reduced since the column runs much cleaner for much longer periods of time.

Another benefit is that these fluids are much more heat stable and tend to break down much more slowly than the hydrocarbon based alternatives. Or putting it another way, one has a need to change pump fluids far less frequently.

One note of caution:

Do not attempt to convert your hydrocarbon charged system without first consulting with the manufacturer of your instrument. For one thing, you want to make sure that your diffusion pump is within the design specifications of the perfluorinated polyether pump fluids. And secondly, this would also mean that you would need to convert the mechanical pump(s) pumping out the diffusion pump to pumps charged with perfluorinated polyether fluid as well, and this generally means purchasing altogether new mechanical pumps since it is generally not possible to clean a mechanical pump well enough that it will work properly in that kind of a situation!

SPI purchases Krytox from DuPont and repackages some of it into smaller bottles so that a customer can purchase in quantities more appropriate to the size of their diffusion pump. However when that is done that way, SPI can not call the product (legally) Krytox. So we therefore call it SPI-Tox™ which is our way of making sure our customers know that the product, purchased as SPI-Tox has been repackaged by SPI Supplies but product labelled as Krytox is in the original package as packaged by DuPont.

Select from a range of fluids:

Diffusion Pump Fluids:
Fomblin® 18/8

SPI #EachIn StockSPI #EachIn Stock
100 ml00071-MB$ 290.19 Add to cartYes   1 Pound00071-XQ$ 686.98 Add to cartYes

Fomblin® 25/9
SPI #EachIn StockSPI #EachIn Stock
100 ml00072-MB   252.34 Add to cartNo   1 Pound00072-XQ   597.37 Add to cartNo

Krytox 1525
SPI #EachIn Stock
1 Pound00076-XQ   172.06 Add to cartYes

Krytox 1506
SPI #EachIn Stock
1 Pound00077-XQ   155.34 Add to cartYes

Fomblin® 25/6 (Y-25)

SPI #EachIn StockSPI #EachIn Stock
100 ml00073-MB$ 89.16 Add to cartYes   1 Pound00073-XQ$ 211.07 Add to cartYes

Fomblin® 06/6

SPI #EachIn StockSPI #EachIn Stock
100 ml00078-MB   89.16 Add to cartYes   1 Pound00078-XQ   211.07 Add to cartYes

Fomblin® 14/6
SPI #EachIn StockSPI #EachIn Stock
100 ml00079-MB   89.16 Add to cartYes   1 Pound00079-XQ   211.07 Add to cartNo
(Used primarily for Leybold Vacuum Pumps.)

When using perfluorinated polyether pump fluids you should also be using the vacuum greases specially formulated for use with these pump fluids.

Storage conditions: Room temperature
Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping

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