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Apiezon® Greases

Use of Apiezon N as an electrical contact grease in pressed metal contacts

Apiezon N Greases
Apiezon N Greases
Apiezon greases have been used in various instances as an electrical contact grease, especially in pressed metallic contacts. The following paper would be worthwhile reading for anyone contemplating the use of any of these greases for electrical contact applications. The paper describes work done on Apiezon N only, however we believe that while the results should they be obtained for the other greases would probably be beneficial, but there could be differences between the different greases. The following is a brief summary of the published paper.

Thermal Conductance of Pressed Metallic Contacts Augmented with Indium Foil or Apiezon Grease at Liquid Helium Temperatures

Authors: L. J. Salerno, P. Kittel, and A. L. Spivak1
NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035
šTrans-Bay Electronics, 3040 Cutting Blvd., Richmond,CA 94804

Received 9 August 1993; revised 17 December 1993


The thermal conductance of pressed contacts which have been augmented with indium foil or Apiezon® N grease has been measured over the temperature range 1.6-6.0°K, with applied forces from 22 to 670 N. The sample pairs were fabricated from OFHC copper, 6061-T6 aluminum, free-machining brass and 304 stainless steel. Although the thermal conductance was found to increase with increasing applied contact force, the force dependence was less than in earlier work. The addition of indium foil or Apiezon N grease between the contact surfaces resulted in an improvement over uncoated surfaces ranging from approximately a factor of three for stainless steel to an order of magnitude for copper contacts.


From an applications point of view, either indium foil or Apiezon grease can easily be applied to contact surfaces, therefore providing a simple and effective increase in thermal contact conductance at liquid helium temperatures.

Taken from publication:

Cryogenics Volume 34, Number 8 (1994)

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